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We have entered Kansas. Really enjoyed Colorado, yesterday we went to Pikes Peak on the Cog Railroad and drove The Garden of the Gods then ate dinner in Manitou Springs at a great Mexican resturant. Started driving across Kansas and stopped to camp at Dodge City, drove to Boot Hill and ate a steak dinner. It seemed like the thing to do, we had passed many stock yards with lots of cows.

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We finally finished Wyoming with a little bit of Nebraska. We went to Fort Laramie, very interesting, also it is where the Mormon Trail, California trail, Oregon trail and Pony Express all go through a pass. Then in NE we went to the Agate Fossil Beds and Scotts Bluff. We found a Walmart and a Chili's for dinner. Today we drove to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain Visitor center then on to Colorado Springs. We had a Carl's Jr hamburger for dinner, it was great.

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Lee wrote a message this morning and I wanted to add to It. My writer, Rebbie and family left on July 13. We had a great time with them. Spent lots of time around Mount Rushmore and then Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. It was all beautiful, lots of water in rivers and falls due to all the snow last winter. Still a lot of snow on the ground. We are still in WY. 2 nights in Fort Laramie with a side trip into NE. We will then head to CO. Jim and family will see my Mom in Ca tomorrow, I should have more time to write now if we can get internet access. Sandy

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Start the way back to Georgia

sunny 80 °F

We have left the Teton's and are on the way back to Georgia. We spent the night in Rawlins, WY and fills much warmer but the wind is not so nice. Today we plan to go to Laramie and see several National Parks in WY and Nebraska and then on to Colorado.

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We went to Old Faithful two days ago and it was spetacular! We saw Grand geyser too, and it was worth the hour plus wait! It went off 3 times, which it doesn't do it much anymore! It was super high and long! Then it started hailing and raining and thundering so we went to the lodge and hot chocolate. The lodge was very beautiful, and grand. Yesterday we went to the Norris basin and saw some small gesyers and some hot springs. We went to Artist Pallete and saw mud pots! We were entranced by them the would bubble and then burst out! Zach even got mud on him from the mud pots! We then went to the firehole drive and saw a geyser erupt and lots of steam.

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